Red Alert

Release Date: 11 November 2011
People: Bretskii, Cheeky, Jo19, Jimmy The Lips, Sloanie- Recorded and Mixed by George Nik at Depedro Studios, Becceril De la Sierra, Madrid
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Album Review

The Brothers take red to a new level

- Igor Lemon

“Bold, fresh and brimming with feel good phat ones. This IS summer.”

- Urb *****

“The Sunshine Brothers offer a remarkably cohesive and satisfying experience from what is a simple, sophisticated and confident fusion of various reggae/roots/world musical strains.”

- Mojo ****

Pitchfork 8.5/10 “My body is genetically constructed to shudder at the mere thought of anything so much as hinting at reggae music. I don’t know how it happened but these motherfuckers from Perth in Australia are doing something right on here. I can’t actually even explain why I love this. But I really, really do. Fuck!”

- Pitchfork 8.5/10
1. Deep Breeze
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2. La Cancion De Jamon
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3. Hideaway
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4. What You Do
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5. Red Alert
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6. The Pint
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7. Golden Duck
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8. Jairo Jam (feat. Spirit of Pucho)
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9. 72 Blanks
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10. Inside the Silo
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About New Album

RED ALERT is the third album by the Sunshine Brothers.
It follows on from the fresh and fantastic ‘Rebel Yellow’ debut recorded in 2005 on the beach in Fremantle and the deeper and darker ‘Greenpoint’ album recorded in 2008 at Daptone Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

RED ALERT is a bright and bold selection of juicy, addictive and uplifting reggae inspired gems recorded in the mountains of Madrid, Spain at Maliciosa Studios. It is one of those records that makes the listener want to leave the shallows of fashion, technology and digital media buzz and dive deep into an album the means something and is built to last.

The Sunshine Brothers free thinking approach to music and finely tuned cringe-o-meter has helped them forge an appealing path between fashion and tradition that results in fresh, addictive, honest-to-goodness reggae/dub/ska inspired tracks free from electronics and the genre’s well worn clichés.
Just like freshly fried haloumi cheese can break a diet or a cheeky ex can somehow get you back in the sack, the Brothers irresistible warmth and charm can even seduce the most reggae resistant music lover into a good time.

Think not what you can do for the Sunshine Brothers – but what the Sunshine Brothers can do for you.